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Utility available to convert VersaTest/MP 0.6 PDATA to VersaTest/MP 4.0 format

In the development from VersaTest/MP versions 0.6 to 4.0, the internal format of VersaTest/MP's PDATA file changed.

You will notice this change if you attempt to run the version 4.0 VPERF tool against a 0.6 PDATA file. A dialog box will appear with a Java ClassNotFoundException being reported.

A new conversion utiility is available in the VersaTest downloads area, under the Miscellaneous category. This will allow VersaTest/MP 0.6 PDATA files to ber converted so that the can be read by the VersaTest/MP 4.0 version of VPERF and VPDX.
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