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VWIN Release 2 now available

Ascert are pleased to announce that the VWIN Release 2 (v0.6.0) client for VersaTest is now available in the downloads area of the website.

This version of VWIN Release 2 contains a significant number of enhancements, including:

- enhanced graphical VSCAN, with side-by-side comparison and difference highlighting

- file "choosers" allowing easy browsing and selection where filename need to be specified e.g. VTALK filenames, SAVE filenames etc.

- permanently docked view of EX and Variables for easier control of selected VPRO's

- enhanced access to release notes and help through Help menu option

- local and remote VCOMP script compilation capability

- access and display of termination status set by VTALK STOP PROGRAM actions

This is the first separately packaged installer for the VWIN Release 2 client software, which can be used with the following VersaTest versions:

- VersaTest/NSK 3.27.05 and above

- VersaTest/MP 0.6.0

Note that VersaTest/MP users will also find the VWIN Release 2 included in their VersaTest/MP install file.
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