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robw 20-Mar-2003 03:37 am

jEdit toolkit for VersaTest users and NonStop developers
Ascert is pleased to announce that it has released a free, open source editor toolkit which is available in the Utilities download area.

The toolkit includes:

* an installer for the open source, jEdit editor. An extremely powerful and flexible workstation editor, with a range of tools and options that can significantly aid scripter and developer productivity

* the Ascert Toolkit for jEdit, containing tools and utilities useful for both VersaTest users and HP NonStop developers alike.

Some of the features included in the Ascert toolkit include:

- seamless browsing of HP NonStop file systems, including direct editing and saving of files on NonStop servers without the need for separate file downloads and uploads

- language definitions for TAL, TACL, and VTALK providing both colored syntax highlighting and code browsing

- in-editor compilation of VTALK scripts, with reporting and highlighting of error lines

- access to VersaTest Domain and Log panels for direct control of VersaTest process and scripts from within the editor without needing a separate VWIN client running

This toolkit has proved invaluable in-house at Ascert, and we are pleased to make it available to our customers in the hope it will provide similar value.

Please note however, that it is provided on an unsupported basis, under an open-source license with source code included.

Commercial support agreements can be arranged by request.

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